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Where Can I Get These?

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I have come across this focus on the net and really like the alloys, could someone recommend a place i can get these from?

What price would i be looking to pay?


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Does your Focus have 4-stud or 5-stud wheels?

Where are you based?

I have a set of near-identical wheels & good tyres for sale. They are 17" 4-stud, with 215/40/17 tyres and I'm near Warrington (M6 J23)

Can't work out how to upload pics from my phone, but I can upload some tomorrow

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If you can't tell from your actual wheels (wheel trims cover the holes etc), another way to check is look at your spare wheel and count the holes for the nuts.

What year/model of Focus do you have?

If it's a Mk1 like the photo of the red car you posted, they'll be 4-stud.

If its a Mk2 like mine (check my profile pic) they'll be 5-stud

Tamworth is about 90 minutes from me, if the wheels are suitable and we agree a deal I'd be happy to meet halfway.

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Focus Mk1 1999 so i guess 4-stud, i will double check though!

I believe my current wheels are 15" so would any adjustments need to be made to the vehicle to accommodate 17"?

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As far as I know, the 17's will fit.

Although the alloys are larger, the sidewall of the tyres is lower to compensate and the overall diameter I the tyre will be similar.

I think the Mk1 ST has 17's so the wheel arches should be fine.

Just to be sure can you reply with the actual size of your current tyres. We can work out the dimensions and compare.

If it helps, the car these are from originally had 15's so going from 15 to 17 should not be a problem.

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These are not my wheels, but they look almost identical (mine have a different centre cap)


This is so you have a rough idea of what mine look like (mine are also Team Dynamics)

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No, sorry I don't.

These wheels are 4-stud, my Focus is 5-stud.

I don't know anyone with a mk1 Focus that I could fit them to.

But I expect they'd look almost identical to the pic in your opening post (although you pic showed the wheelnuts, my wheels have covers over the nuts)

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I've uploaded some pictures to Dropbox, click on the links to view.

You'll see the tyres have 8 holes for the wheelnuts, these are multi-fits and will fit a variety of vehicles (as long as they have 4-stud wheels) - useful if you ever change your car, or decide to sell the wheels on. Different cars have slightly different spacing for the holes, and not all wheels will fit all cars, but you should have no problems with these.

The wheelnuts are covered by a plastic cover which is secured by a small Allen key. This makes for a nicer look and adds a bit of security.

The tyres are Toyo Proxes, which have great grip and are very highly rated in performance magazines like Evo

The tyres are almost new, I'd say they've done about 1500-2000 miles or less. The tread depth is 7-8mm all round. The car they were on (Calibra) blew its engine, and they've been in my shed since.

You may even see in the pics that some of the coloured lines around the tyre are still there, which shows how little use they've had. They've even still got those little rubber strands on the side where they came out of the mould.

One wheel has a very small scrape where I brushed a kerb parking (see pic) and there's a tiny nick in the rubber there, but I've had a good look and it's totally safe. A spot of silver paint on the wheel and they'll look perfect.

I gave them a good pressure-wash a few weeks ago, as you can see from the pics

I also have a set of aftermarket pedals which I never got around to fitting. They are brand new and unused, with all the fittings. They have rubber studs for grip so are MOT-legal.

If you decide to buy the wheels I'll chuck the pedals in for free.













As you can see, the tyres are 215/40/17. Post up your current tyre size and we can see how these compare.

Have a good look, let me know if you're interested and we can agree a price. I'm away for the next 2 weekends, but after that I'm happy to meet up.

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Glad you like them, and thanks for posting your tyre size.

I've been on a tyre size comparison site, and the difference in size (diameter) is less than 5mm change from your current tyre.

That's less than the difference between a new tyre and a part-worn tyre, so your speedo will still give the correct readings etc.

I've also been online and looked up the size of the Mk1 Focus ST wheels/tyres, so that I can be confident these will fit your car.

I've chosen the ST because it had bigger-than-standard wheels, but still had the standard wheelarces. The RS had wider arches.

They ST tyres were 205/50/16 - so the tyres I'm offering are lower profile, 10mm wider and the wheels are an inch larger.

But the difference in diameter is only 7mm, so there'll be no problems fitting your wheelarches.

I'll send you a PM with a price.

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