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Tyres For Focus Estate

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Goodyear Efficient Grips just came top in the Autocar test in a 205/55/R16 grouptest. Just stuck a pair on the front of mine, bout £70 each through Blackcircles. Got new brakes on all round so a bit too early to make judgements, but they seem pretty grippy.

Put a pair of Yokahama CDrive 2's on the back earlier this year, no complaints there either.


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Continentals tend to be ok, come standard on the majority of new cars so must be ok, tend to last about 18k also i find.

On Black circles they are around £70 also.

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I have Pirelli on the front and standard michellen on the back and both are very good I was 70 for the Pirelli inc fitting from laws tyres in Aberdeen but that's coz I know the manager :-P

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budget and have beaten most of the big brands matador made by continental

as stated by auto express test ............

Top spot goes to energy-saving pioneer, Michelin. The French giant claimed a clear six per cent margin over its nearest rival – that represents a one per cent difference in economy. While it’s a fair way off the Primacy, the Hankook was still way ahead of the chasing pack. And given its sub-£90 price, it’s excellent value.

The results were much closer behind the Korean maker. Yokohama finally has something to shout about with a well deserved third place, ahead of Bridgestone, Matador and Kumho. Goodyear’s eighth place is an impressive result, considering the HydraGrip struggled in this section of last year’s test.

Continental and associate brand Uniroyal were further down the table than we had expected, especially given the emphasis on green issues in Germany. Tying with Toyo, Vredestein slipped a little in this area, particularly after decent performances in recent years.

However, possibly the biggest surprise was Pirelli. The P7 came in last, so the Italian company certainly has a lot to learn in this area.

Yet although the Michelin is the cheapest tyre to run, you pay for the privilege. All the premium brands came in at more than £100, but the Primacy is considerably more expensive – a whopping £10 dearer than second-last-placed Continental. Even brands like Yokohama and Uniroyal edged over the £100 mark. For those on a budget, the Matador is easiest on the pocket at £75 – that’s nearly half the price of the Michelin.

used mine all year round they grip well in the wet and dry and grip very well in snow and ice they dont wear quickly which is a bonus i will be buying mine again

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