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Andy H Dibley

Slow Speed Stall/ Rev Drop

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Hi everyone,

Apologies for not being around much after Ford Fair. Ended up buying a 1991 Chevy Camaro and have been spannering that for the last couple of months. Been using the focus as my daily still though ;)

Anyway, I've noticed over the last couple of weeks I've been having an issue with my 2008 mk2.5 1.8 petrol focus. The first problem I noticed was one morning it wouldn't start, turned over fine and would only catch and run for about 2-3 seconds then die. After giving it 30 seconds or so after this happening a few times, it fired up and was fine.

No problem I thought, maybe it was just a cold morning, it knew it was Monday, it didn't want to go to work.

Anyway, now I'm suffering a slow speed/stopped stall issue where if I'm going less than 10mph (manoevering in a car park or on the drive) and I rev the engine, if I then let off the throttle the revs dip below 750 rpm to about 500 and only just pick up in time to keep running! In some instances at night with the lights on, it'll bring up the battery light showing the revs are even dropping the alternator voltage.

Added with this, when warm I'm getting a misfire sat idling, you can hear it/ feel it not running smooth. Now I don't really pay attention to that, as I'm sure most cars miss occasionally when idling.

Anyway, the situation I'm in is the car has a year warranty from a main dealer, bought it in March so still covered. Took it back today and surprise surprise they couldn't replicate the fault. However they said the computer was in need of an update. 'That should fix it!' Said the guy.

So over to you guys! Any thoughts, I'm thinking plugs are probably due a change. 08 plate and just turned 30k this month!

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I have same engine, is it a miss-fire at idle or does it feel like a constant shudder? I get this on mine and it is do with the revs fluctuating to keep emissions low. Also I had a throttle body replacement on mine, when I'd rev up the engine at idle the revs would drop and cut out! took ages for them to find the throttle body issue and surprise surprise they found it after warranty expired! I argued it with them so didnt pay full costs! I had numerous pcm software updates prior to this

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Yeah, it feels like a constant shudder and you can see the rev counter fluctuating. If that's the case then ill ignore it.

The thing I've noticed is this slow speed drop in revs, it hasn't got as bad as cutting out, but all the same it's very easy to stall.

I just picked it up, they had the cheek to write me out a bill, saying as they couldn't find anything they assumed I just wanted the PCM update. Only when I said I bought the car in March why didn't it have the update then did they realise actually I was right. They did say if it gets worse or I can replicate it in front of a technician then fair enough.

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My 1.8 does strange things on idle it revs up on its own in neutral and then drops down again, this morning it stalled doing that. Just ignoring it though as it goes on Wednesday! But it has done it on/off for a few weeks now.

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my 1.8 mk1 did it and it was 3 things a faulty pcv valve the idle contrl valve and a collapsed hose at the rear of t he throttle housing

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If you set the car into diagnostics mode by doing the dash trick, you can scroll through the display to see the engine speed in digital format, you will see the revs bouncing between 650-750 rpm at idle. I have noticed mine shudder less if it is very cold outside or when its been on a good motorway run and then come to a stop. if you put the aircon, the revs will increase and the shudder is less. Unfortunately there is no way of adjusting the idle tickover as its all controlled electronically via ecu. Regarding your othetlr issue, it could be throttle related, Don't let them fob you off with pcm updates, you will have to pester them into sorting it!

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