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C-Max 2.0Tdci Lumpy On Acceleration

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Hi all,

New to the forum and to fords in general my last ford was a mk5 escort cabriolet.

I purchased a top spec ghia C-max 2.0tdci 2005 a few weeks ago and experiencing so running issues car starts and runs fine at tickover hot and cold its only when revved above a 1000rpm it sounds like its missing running on three cylinders. There is no smoke, power seems 100% with masses of torque even on full boost it feels like its on three cylinders lumpy, fuel economy normal.

Any ideas, i suspect, egr, fuel injector, or clutch, or a combination of all three.

No warning lights on. HELP HELP. :unsure:

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Start by giving the fuel system a good dose of injector cleaner like BG244 or wynns.

If that doesn't help maybe check the condition of air and fuel filters.

When did the vehicle last have a service?

It could also be the cam position sensor which controls the fuel injection rate.

Any of these could cause lumpy running but I'd say give it a good service if not done within the last 6000 miles and see how you go from there.

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I have the 1.8tdci 2009 cmax version and have had an intermittant judder which failed to leave a trace. Been like it for a while. Felt same as a missfire feels on a petrol car, then runs fine with out leaving any clues.

Ford diagnostic checks showed nowt....very frustrating for everyone..untill today that is.

Went out today,dual carriageway, the car gave about six judders straight after each other (usually does one). I pulled on to a side road and then on came the warning message....engine malfunction and limp home mode was engaged. Without turning the engine off, I phoned the ford dealership and said the problem had gone live, he said get the car to him without turning off the engine. I did so with a struggle.

The mechanic quickly came over with the diagnostic kit and yippeeeeeee, number three injector open circuit.....at last you bar steward i thought " you've shown itself". The fix takes place next week.

Hope this helps others who feel they may have a diesel miss fire.

mr rugby

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Same problem with me. I have had a new egr valve put on but no difference -this comes with a manifold so big bucks. Also main Sensors cleaned & have had it diagnosed 4 times including a Ford job which took a full day and still didn't pick anything up. I'm going to have a real look at what is causing this problem. Is there some kind of sensor, limiter or governor tucked away somewhere which is interfering with it. Could it be an electronic sensor going wonky that Fords didn't pick up.

Pontylad S.Wales

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