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Reverse Light And Sensors

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Hi I am having a bit of an issue with the reverse lights and sensors on mine at the moment. They are just popping the fuse almost straight away. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

Fusion 1.6 Diesel 57 Plate

Ford fitted elec pack with Reversing sensors

If i fit a new fuse and then put it into reverse, it will beep and the lights and sensors will work. After driving somewhere, if i try it again, it will have popped the fuse.

My first thought is to disconnect the reverse sensors and see if that solves the problem so if anyone has any knowledge of where the wiring is connected to the loom or where the little box of tricks is installed, i would be grateful


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the box for the sensors are usually hidden behind the side panel in the boot, see if you can follow the wires back from a sensor to decide which side they have put it, once you find the box there should be an inline fuse you can remove to deactivate the sensors.also check the earthing points for the box and reverse light, a bad connection could pop the fuse.

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