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Engine Cuts Out When Accelerating

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Hi to all

This is my first post of many as I have recently bought a 2004 Tdci 115, just shy of 100k on the clock

Had the car nearly 3 weeks worked fine until 4 days ago. Whilst overtaking the glow plug warning light started to flash and the car came to a stop.

Called the AA who found no diagnostic code fault recorded on the ECU.

I have stripped and cleaned the EGR valve and inlet manifold and fitted a blanking plate but still the same problem, now EML is on

It is driveable if i'm careful but in trouble if I have to climb a hill or overtake.

Starting to think I have been sold a lemon. (full service history my !Removed!)!

Also the clutch area is sounding like someone is hitting metal with a hammer sound expensive.

Any thoughts would be helpful before I tackle the trade seller.

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mmm sounds like DMF dual mass flywheel in laymans terms new clutch and about a grand with for light could be anything from injectors if its under warranty return it get them to sort it regards pete

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