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chris 1

Fiesta Heating

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Hi All,

As detailed in my Newbie thread I have recently bought a Fiesta 1.8TD (MK5) to share with my daughter. I have found that the heating does not work well, even after I have changed the thermostat and bypassed the HCV with two copper pipes. I have flushed out the matrix and checked as best I can for air blocks. At high revs the hot air seems to come out ok, but as soon as the revs drop it goes cool.

The return pipe to the header was blocked but is now ok and all pipes seem hot.

Could it be the pump even though it does seem to pump the water around ok?

Or could it be the little radiator on the oil cooler?

Also could I run the car in the winter with the water pipes to the oil cooler bypassed?

It may also be telling that the car uses a lot of water.

Thanks for any advice in advance.



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Hi Guys,

Well, I have bypassed the oil cooler water pipes and all seems well...Hot air even at low revs, The question is how vital is the oil cooler in these freezing temperatures, and will it last until the better weather comes along before I change it?

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