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Ford Focus Mk2 Day Time Running Lights

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I've seen posts for MK2.5 DRL's, etc.

Is it possible to add DRL's to a focus MK2?


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you can but from some ive seen they look hideous and odd drls were great when few people had them everyone has them so im noy=t interested now annoying !Removed! things now lol

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One thing i can say about day time running lights is i always see them on cars , and they stand out. Which in my view shows that they work as they should they make the car stand out and safer to see. I have never been dazzled by any and think they look good on all cars , if they are factory fitted or not.

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actually drls are under review as its been proved that yes you notice the drl but its distracting attention from pedestrians etc as you naturally look at them and dont notice other hazards.

also the tests are under review as its believed the test evidence to there effectiveness was flawed and the whole truth not made public drls may not be present in the next year

a u.s test showed they made no diffrence to the amount or severity of accidents given the original test was done in scandanavia where its dark most of the time its shown in europe they serve no purpose and thousands of complaints have been submitted regarding the glare and the fact they mask the indicator as youre eye is naturally drawn to the brighter light, as a result in the u.s more accidents occured with vehicles with d.r.l than without the national motorist association has a petition against there use based on the misrepresentation of the supposed safety benefits which has been proven as flawed so they arent safer the point isnt to make the car stand out from everything else and mask the other dangers like pedestrians etc.

they do increase fuel economy and are pointless during the day i find many arent switching there lights on when they should they assume drls do the same job

im not ranting but the product is not what it claims to be i do agree with the drls that are indicators at the same time if they were a bit dimmer and multi functioned i would agree with them cars should all have sensors that automaticaly when it gets darker switch off and activate headlights.

given it was g.m who started the trend here and tried and failed in the u.s its ironic that even though gm tried to make it law and the evidence failed as to there use and benefits the u.k allowed them and changed the law

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