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Entertainment System And Heating Stopped Working,

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hi guys,

i am looking for some help if you can please, i drove my ford mondeo titanium x the liverpool today from birmingham when i arrived i parked my car and pressed the button to shut the engine down, upon doing this the car made some fun noise's from the dash beeps and that so i pressed the engine button again and the car shut down as it should. now when igot back in my car 10 minutes later to drive back the entertainment system and my heating wont work at all. the entertainment system is the one that has everything built in and is touch screen so it controls my radio, cd, telephone, sat nav, and dispalys my heater settings although the heating system is turned on and up and down via the buttons below the entertainment system,

nothing at all works now and i am hoping this will just be a fuse or ralay issue but i have no idea what fuse or relay to check can anyone help with this please

thank you


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It does sound like you have blown a fuse but these things can be "tricky" with them being microprossesor (computer) based - it may sound a strange suggestion in this internet age but a Hanes manual would have the location of the fuse for the entertainment/ display system as well as lots of other useful information and is a handy thig to have as well as a useful investment IMO.

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thank you for the advice guys, i have managed to sort it after checking all the fuse's with no luck and the relays i decided that disconnecting the car battery may do it by resetting everything and guess what it worked,

so again thank you for the advice but is sorted now and if anyone has this issue try disconnecting the battery before spending money at a dealers or sparkys. ( remember to sort out your radio code though )

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