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Focus Mk1 Lowering

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Hey ppl,

Im new to this forum. I have a bit of a problem with my 2001 mk1 focus 1.8. just bought a jamex 40mm lowering kit. stuck it on there. looks stunning.

I can put my steering on full lock with no problem. but going round roundabouts is my problem! lol. if im going around a roundabout my passenger front tyre seems to be rubbing. i only have 17's on the car.

it doesnt look like it is hittin the arch. it seems to be hitting the plastic. but with this i am not sure. has anyone else come across this that could possibly offer me any advice?!




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There certainly shouldnt be any arch scrubbing there. The only thing I can think is you've bought the wrong offset wheels. IIRC the correct offset range for the Mk1/1.5 focus is ET38-45. Anything in this range shouldnt cause problems. If your wheels are in that range then it can only be your tyres are too wide.

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5 stud wheels on a Mk1??? Mk1 is 4 stud matey. On the back of a wheel it will say ETXX hopefully between 38 and 45. Someone with a bit more wheel knowledge might confirm but I reckon the stud pattern is wrong hence the wheels not sitting properly to the hub.

The tyres are fine but the wheels should be

7.5 x 17" 4 x 108 not 5 stud like you've got.

5 Studs will fit a Mk2 Focus or a Mk3 Mondeo.

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oh sorry didnt explain.. they like multi stud wheels. sits on hub perfectly. thats not a issue... i will go crawl around on the floor and have a look at that number. cheers mate

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i wish it was looking as simple as that. nothing loose unfortunately. maybe some arch work could be needed then... i am puzzled. the odd thing is i cant actually seem to see where it is hitting/scuffing on the liner arch or anywhere....nothing seems to make any sense...

going to have a word with garage i use.. see if they think modifying/cutting plastic inner arch will help?! definately sounds like a plastic rubbing when it happens

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ah ha there has been sucess! managed to sort it myself. just on the inside of the wheels arch there is a small bit of metal that protudes from the arch itself to hold up the plastic inner arch. cut a tiny bit of plastic and bent this bit of metal up. and the couple of mm space that creates is enough. no more rubbing. no damage no arch rolling. all sorted!

Good Times! Cheers for ya help with everything mate. much appreciated.

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