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Ford Ka2 Altinator

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hi i was hoping some one could help i bought my wife a 99 ka collection after spending 450 quid on welding the !Removed! alternator has gone now its in the garage at mo but they want 125 for the part then 147 in labor which i refused and got the fitting down to 50 quid from a mobile mechanic however i don't know if its the 90 amp or 70 amp one and i have people telling me different things.One person said as it was a ka2 collection with electric windows a/c and power steering its the 90 amp one and other people saying all ka came with the 70 amp version untill they put the duratec engine in so please does any one know so i can buy the right one so the wife can give me my focus back to me

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i would phone ford parts & give them the reg of car and they will be able to tell you the correct one for your car or get the old one & look at the label on it and it should tell you.

i would not pay for more than a hours work as it's an easy job to do and you can diy.

look here for a price for a second hand one http://www.breakeryard.com/

this is where i got mine from for £35.00 inc p&p with 3 months warranty.

most small garages will fit parts that you supply just ask them how much they want to fit it

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