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anyone wanna go paintballing?

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Hi Guys

I am putting the feelers out for an exciting event I wish to organise for FOC members and to raise some money for charity. FOC Paintballing for charity.

A friend and I are involved in a charity car rally, facing 8,000 miles of pot-holes, strange borders and questionable food (and probably hygiene after 8k miles!) to raise money for Save The Children. We aim to raise a minimum of £1000 for Save The Children, plus donate our vehicle to a charity called CDPF (Children's' Development and Protection Fund) when we reach Mongolia.

The Mongolia Charity Rally is a pan-continental drive across five mountain ranges, two deserts and enough barren and pot-holed roads, paths and terrain to ensure we'll swagger like John Wayne for a good few weeks after we complete the drive. We will start in London on the 11th July and our final destination is the great Mongol capital of Mongolia, beyond the Gobi desert, Ulaanbaatar, several weeks later. We are aiming to complete the rally in 3 weeks or less.

To help raise some funds I have decided to set up a mass paintball meet where members and their /wives/husband/friends can gather and have a shootem platoon fest.

We have been donated some VIP tickets (thanks to ministry of paintball) for a FULL day of packed fun with lunch, gear and guns thrown in.

Tickets are usually £25 + Cost of paintballs, but as these tickets have been donated to us to help raise some money for the kids, we are selling them for an amazing £10 + paintballs (paintballs are £10 first 100 paid in advance then about £7-8 per 100 afterwards on site) Cheap fun day out if you ask me!!!!!

This is a Full day out, Including Lunch. Location will be around mid country (they have 100 sites) so we need to talk to them about location.

If we can get some numbers of interest, and remember your mates can come too then please let us know here so we can estimate numbers.

All for a beer and a laugh about the day afterwards!



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Sounds like an awesome day out.

I am not to sure if i can make it due to medical problems at the min but if i can i'll def let you know.

Come on members, it is for charity after all.

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