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Central Locking Issue On Focus 2001

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Hi All, I am hoping for some help, so if anyone can give me some advice on the following I would be very grateful.

Just recently my Y Reg focus has experienced a fault with the central locking. The passenger door no longer locks / unlocks via the central locking from either the remote fob or the drivers door.

I will explain the scenarios i have witnessed.

1. When using either the remote fob, or the key in the drivers lock, or the switch on the inside of the drivers door, the drivers door and the rear doors all lock, but then immediately unlock again. The passenger door does not even attempt to lock and i imagine this is the reason that the other locks unlock again immediately.

2. If sat inside the car, pressing the switch on the inside of the passenger door does lock / unlock the passenger door, and all of the other doors via the central locking system.

3. If I lock the passenger door from inside the car using the switch and then get out of the drivers door and close the doors up, all of the other doors will lock using either the remote fob or the key, and they stay locked as I had already previously locked the passenger door from inside. Then when I unlock the doors either by the remote fob or the key, all doors except the passenger door will unlock as they are supposed to, but the passenger door stays locked.

So, from the above, to me, the locking mechanism and motor of the passenger door appears to work fine, but not when given a signal from either the drivers door or remote fob via the central locking system.

Could this be something as simple as a broken / damaged wire leading from the central locking unit to the passenger door motor, or is there something else in line that could cause this problem?

If it is likely to be a broken wire, can anyone suggest where this break may be? maybe it is a common issue and there is a snag point which often causes a wire break?

Anyway this is driving me crazy having to ensure i lock / unlock the passenger door from inside before being able to lock / unlock the rest of the car so if anyone can offer me some advice I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance, Marc

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I'd suspect that water has got into the lock via a perished door sill rubber.

The lock mechanism is probably rusted or full of crap and stopping it from moving properly (usually a busted solenoid).

Replacing the lock unit will be the best option.

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Hi Stoney871,

Thank you for your reply. Initially I thought that the lock mechanism may be the issue, but the lock does work if I use the switch on the inside of the door. Would this not indicate that the lock mechanism is in good working order?

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The mechanism may be ok but if the solenoids and electrics are corroded/wet then the central locking will not function.

On central locking the act of moving one locking lever will trip the micro switch inside the lock and send the signal to the central module causing all the other locks to fire.

If when manually switching one door you do not get a reaction from the other locks then it points to the electronic mechanism being knackered.

Another pointer is the fact that when using the fob or the switches on the other doors they lock but the suspect one doesn't and then unlock again.

Classic sign of a central locking unit on a door failing.

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ok but just to clarify, if i use the lever on the passenger door, this does lock the passenger door and all of the other doors so the central locking works this way around, but on using the key or the fob, the passenger door does not lock / unlock. Do you still believe this to be the locking mechanism?

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Failed lock motor Then.

Must have misread the initial post, I took it to be that the lock only worked manually and was not affected/causing an effect on the other locks.

By your symptoms it means the switches are working but the locking motor is not responding.

The lock mechanism is a fiddly set of switches, motors and cogs so therefore the motors inside would be very fiddly to replace without cogs and springs going flying.

(believe me on this as I dismantled a broken Mk1 boot lock after swapping and bits pinged everywhere).

Easiest and best option is to buy a replacement from eBay (if youdon't mind used parts) or Ford (if you feel wealthy enough).

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