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Possessed Car - Comes To Life When Turned Off

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2006 Ford Focus 1.6LX - No mods and no new installations/repairs


This is going to sound random. I drove through a foot of water the other day at a cautious speed. The car drove home with no problems.

A day later I go out to the car and the windscreen wipers are stuttering over the screen, the interior beeper is beeping (lights left on sound), the indicators are flickering and the immobilizer light is flickering randomly.

If I turn the car on its 100% fine and drives normally however every time I turn the car off it starts this strange behavior again. I have resorted to unplugging the battery.

Any ideas would be appreciated?



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i agree with who said what about what he said seriously though its clearly a water ingress issue so ide have a look under the bonnet first and try to dry it out

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Very true. Always good having a car that can self repair itself nomatter how bad you crash it.

Just don't !Removed! her off or she'll mow you down or kill you with carbon monoxide poisening.

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just spent 15mins finding this thread because i knew id seen it, but didnt read it at the time! haha

i had this yesterday. did you sort the problem out? iv had the car through floods before, so how could it get wet in the small amount of water there was?

..it went crazy during the day. i took it straight to where i bought it and he had the relays out and some how it was still going! but all dry under there and there was no fault codes. and when pushing the relay in you could hear it clicking every second or so as it engaged.

i thought after an hour of drying at had dried as it was fine when i parked up, but noticed when i came home at about 3am that the wipers were about half way up! :unsure:

any advice?

..scared to try anything myself as if it is possessed the bonnet may slam shut on me!! :rolleyes:

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I suggest a can of wd40 sprayed liberally around electrics (particularly alternator) some electrics are so low on car that water ingress can back power system and do strange things with ignition off! when you turn on you will put 12 volts where it is supposed to be and problems seem to disappear, when ignition is off small voltages creep through alternator charge light cicuit and back power all sorts of things


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wd40 was the answer! :D

the box seemed perfectly sealed apart from one seperate red wire which wasnt inside of the main circle going into the fuse box. it looks after market really

is there a red wire thats seperate? ..the only possible aftermarket thing i see on the car in rear footwell blowers which are under front seats (i assume these are aftermarket as they has RS logos on them)

or are they standard?


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Just been reading the thread, and I've had exactly the same thing happen to me tonight.

Due to the wet weather, I've driven through some flooded roads.

My apologies for sounding slightly thick, but what exactly do I need to do to the gem module? What is a gem module? And how do you change them?

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