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Need Help With An Egr Issue Please, A Brand New One!

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ok so ive just had my dpf and egr replaced on my car by a local garage and a short time after my engine light comes back on! the fault codes state that the egr valve is remaining closed and the second shows a high control circuit which im assuming means a short or open circuit!

does anyone know if this has anything to do with the egr not being a ford genuine part or is it as simple as checking the wires are all connected? or has anyone had this problem before and knows what to do?

the engine light went off for a few hours last night but has come back on again today so its intermittent at the moment.

any advice would be greatly appreciated as ive already paid 1100 for these jobs.


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they dont have the correct diagnostic software so they have no idea what the actual fault is, his reply was this happens when there new and if it didnt resolve itself he was going to order a new egr. my only concern is that he replaces it and i get a repeat fault code so im just wondering if it matters whether the egr is ford genuine or not?

do you think the fault codes show that it hasnt been fitted properly and the ecu has not learnt the values or the computer cant actually comunicate with itb due to it not being ford genuine?

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i forgot to mention my brother has done a diagnostic check with his equipment hence how i know what the faults are, ford would of charged £90

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it shouldnt matter that its not a ford item, sometimes even new items can be faulty, genuine or not. let the garage do the remedy work as you have paid for it, let them look into it and sort it.

if you or the garage still have the old egr, give it a clean out (carb/brake cleaner will do) and try it to see if it clears the fault?

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