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Local Dealer Fobbing Me Off Re Focus Stereo?

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Hi everyone, Recently replaced my mk1 focus with a newer, better spec, better engine mk2 focus and I absolutely loe the car but I'm having problems with the radio so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bought a 2nd hand focus and realised it needed a new battery. Replaced the battery then realised I needed stereo code, looked through all the information I had and couldn't find it anywhere.

Decided I couldn't be bothered messing about so took it to my local ford dealer asking them to remove the radio but they say they can't get it out. Took it to a local independent garage and they couldn't get it out. Decided to ring the garage that I bought it from, no luck. Rang the original ford dealer that sold the car, no luck. Tried to get in touch with the previous owner to see if he had the code, no luck. So i can only presume that someone has broken one or more of the clips and no one, it seems, can remove the radio.

Went back to my local ford dealer asking if there was any way they could get the radio code? (I'm a little bit suspicious that they broke the stereo clips initially) and they told me there was no way anyone could get the code unless I have the serial number. Is this true? Surely Ford has a database somewhere with my VIN and my stereo serial number? Even if they charged me a stupid amount of money I would pay it because its driving me crazy!!!!!!

I'm also wondering what to do next? Remove the whole dash (and still be unable to get the stereo out? Smash the radio with a hammer?

Has anyone come across the problem before? Being unable to remove a stereo?

Any help or advice on what to do next you can give me would be greatly appreciated and cheers for reading such a long post!


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They can be a bit tricky to remove, but first and foremost you must have the correct removal keys, I think you need 4 of them for your stereo, like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC5-132-Ford-Mondeo-Stereo-Radio-Release-Removal-Extraction-Fitting-Keys-x-4-/150680736145?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item2315459191 you need to jiggle them around a bit and feel for a good purchase then try pulling one side out slightly, holding it with something, while starting the other side. Once out you can get to your serial number, which will be needed to get a code. Then get onto ebay and try someone like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNLOCK-FORD-MONDEO-FIESTA-PUMA-KA-FOCUS-RADIO-CD-STEREO-CODE-BY-SERIAL-NUMBER-/221151865999?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item337dadac8f and you should be up and running again, and not an expensive job either. Hope this helps :D

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You can obtain the serial number without removing the head unit.

See here:

It worked on my mk2 focus.

Regarding the code, there is an app available for about 79p that can produce M radio codes

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If you are unable to get your code then there are a couple of options-

1/ buy some keys and try to remove the radio yourself-


Try wiggling them around and you may get lucky.


2/ You may have to mangle your fascia to get to the broken catch.

With the keys inserted you should be able to work out which one is the offending one, drill a small hole carefully directly in line with the key slot and as close to the radio as you dare (don't go too deep in case you hit wires, there shouldn't be any in the way but better safe than sorry).

Using a small screwdriver try to depress the catch and bend it in towards the radio to disengage it.

Buy a replacement fascia which is held to the dash with two torx screws, one either side.


If your radio clips are damaged i have a radio in bits that i'll gladly send you the clip frame from that works just fine - no charge, I'm nice like that :), although you'd have to be confident in taking your radio apart to replace it, but to be honest three clips out of four will be secure enough that the radio won't wobble.

Here's some photos of the clips and alignments so that you have an idea of what you're trying to do and where to drill and put the screwdriver if needed.









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where in lancashire are you i have the removal tools but as others say can be a pain to remove as i found out but got it eventually

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I have heard of this before on the Mk3 Mondeo (facelift so similar style to the Focus Mk2 unit with the same type of removal clips). As suggested, if many have tried and none have succeeded it's most likely a case of the clips being broke, rather than just not trying it properly. And the two options I've heard of as a solution have been mentioned already...smash the unit, or remove the entire dash!

I reckon Charlie's link is your best bet though, this shows the steps required to get the serial code displayed on the screen so you won't need to remove it. It'd only be an issue then if you wanted to swap it out for an upgrade or fit a handsfree or anything like that.

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