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Tip: How To Reset The Seatbelt Warning Alarm/light

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This tip should work for all Mk7 Fiestas - I have the 2010 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec ('10 Reg).

Last week I was driving into work, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the seatbelt warning light lit up on the dash and warning alarm sounded - scared the hell out of me! I was on my own in the car and had my seatbelt on (obviously!), but every 30 seconds or so the alarm kept sounding - highly annoying.

I pulled over as soon as I could and unbuckled the seatbelt and put it back in and out a few times, seemed OK so I set off again and sure enough the light lit up again and the buzzer sounded!! Anyway, I was near work at that stage so I kept going. When I pulled into the car park, I switched off the ignition and waited a few seconds, put my seat belt on, started the car again and did a slow tour of the car park - the alarm sounded again, so I thought OK, something's gone wrong here, a sensor or a switch.

I called my local Ford dealer, Evans Halshaw, to book it in, but they could only look at it the next week and I had a weekend away planned with a 2-hour trip each way - highly annoying with an alarm going off every 30 seconds!! Anyway, I'll get to the point now..

I asked to be put through to the mechanics (or "technicians" as Evans call them!), and asked them if there was a way to at least turn the alarm off. After asking someone else in the garage (sorry, "workshop"!), he said there was a better way...

Reset the seatbelt warning system on Mk7 Fiesta:

1. With the key out, insert it into the ignition and turn it so that the dash lights up (don't start the engine!)

2. Buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt 9 times (yes, it has to be exactly 9 times, don't ask me why!)

3. The seatbelt warning light should flash briefly to indicate a reset.

4. Turn off ignition and take key out.

5. Now try putting the seatbelt on and driving away, hopefully it will be reset now.

As it turned out, when I returned to the car after work, everything was fine so I didn't need to actually perform this tip, but I've got a feeling this might return at a later date, so it's useful to know for the future!

Hope this tip helps someone avoid a trip to the dealer.

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Doing this will disable the warning chimes completely. ie. it won't sound even when belt is unbuckled while your driving.

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I don't believe it does, at least going by what the guy said over the phone, it just resets the system if it's not functioning correctly. You can silence the alarms via the centre console menu, but the resetting procedure is different to that.

Like I say, I'm only going by what the Ford Technician said to me - I didn't have to actually perform the reset as it was OK later on that day after I'd finished work.

I just thought I'd post the tip for others who search for this on the forums. Hope it helps someone.

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I have a Zetec S TDCI 2010, There is no noise if i try driving without my seatbelt on. Should there be!?

If the previous owner has turned the chimes off using the method in post 5 of my last thread i believe doing it again will turn them back on.

Let us know how you get on.

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This doesn't reset it, it will disable it completely until you repeat this process

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