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Mk3 Remap....

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#16 Foci_st3


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Posted 22 December 2012 - 07:36 PM

Some info on fuel economy would be nice aswell, I know the 150ps would be better than the 182ps but has the mpg become higher or lower.

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 02:09 AM

Doesnt it invalidate fords warranty on the car ford can tell if its been done just by loading it onto there diagnostics

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 03:54 PM

Any comments about the bluefin remap?

The great thing about thne Bluefin is it can be swapped back to your original map (the handset stores your original map) for any reason, such as putting the car in for a service, or for snowy/icy weather etc, and the Bluefin may be transferred to another car in the 1st year free of charge etc

Tuning boxes were popular with nearly new cars or even company cars because they could be removed easily without leaving any trace

Because Bluefin has being established for so long, it is recognised by insurance companies etc, but of course Mountune is the official Ford tuner in the UK and you can fit a Mountune kit and keep your warrantee

Dyno/ rolling road figures must be taken with a "pinch of salt" because they are often exaggerated, "punters" want to see big improvements- suppliers of remaps/ tuning boxes/ performance parts have to compete with their competitors, that may have exaggerated claims

One dyno/ rolling road may read much higher, another much lower with exactly the same car,

A car that produces 125Hp at the wheels somehow produces 180Hp at the crank (must be a very inefficient gearbox!- lol)

eg the wheel HP is "measured" the crank HP is "guessed"
the dyno operator may add lots more HP due to "correction factors" temprature/ humidity etc, if the car is not tied down right it may ride up the rollers, losing contact with the rear driven roller, reducing drag - increasing the measured power

so ifs not exactly an exact science and if everyone else is exaggerating the power claims (even the manufacturers themselves quote the "crank" HP not the HP actually reaching the wheels - sometimes the manufacturers UNDERESTIMATE the the actual power of a car, to fit into tax brackets etc)

In Europe, (Germany, anyway ) the tax brackets were organized due to the power the car produces, for example a car with under 115PS would be in a lower tax bracket than one with more than 115PS - so 115PS and 130PS versions of the same car were produced (they were supposed to have different maps- but the 115PS versions seemed to be quicker than expected) (eg - Mondeo) strangely, when a 115PS Mondeo was taken onto Superchips dyno, it was found to have 127HP

115PS = 113HP (PS = German Horse Power) (HP = British HP - slightly more powerful than German horses, apparemtly ) Often tuners quote PS because it looks better than HP - sometimes tuning boxes etc are made in Germany and rebadged for sale in the UK eg DTE/ DTUK

BHP vs HP (Brake Horse Power) not how good your brakes are! - a dyno/ rolling road was literally a big "brake" the heat produced was measured (in watts/KW) - thus BHP/ Brake Horse Power

We have not even got into the shape of the power curve or how wide the power band is or torque curve - someone once said - power sells cars - torque wins races - it was a great quote, and a lot "snappier" than "A wide spread of power and torque over a large rev range with a rising power caracteristrict - all the way to the redline is better/ quicker/ faster (for most uses - even on a racetrack) than a very narrow powerband even if the latter has a higher peak power figure than the latter" - eg - its the shape of the power/ torque band - not just the "max power"

The moral of the story - take claimed HP/PS/BHP/KW with a "pinch of salt" - don't get one remap/ tuning product because it claims a few hp more than another

#19 Latanen



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Posted 23 December 2012 - 04:58 PM

The moral of the story - take claimed HP/PS/BHP/KW with a "pinch of salt" - don't get one remap/ tuning product because it claims a few hp more than another

Thanks for your reply FOCA.

Your final comment is the reason I asked for more information about the bluefin remap from someone who bought it for his car. Its much cheaper than the Mountune upgrade, and it worths more if you don't want to use it every day in your car.

However, if you compare the power and torque curves of bluefin and mountune, Mountune upgrade is much better than bluefin.

So, remap choice depends on preferences of using the car.

#20 cuke


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Posted 23 December 2012 - 05:53 PM

Hi, I am going up to Suffolk on thursday so I should be able to get some good mpg figures. So far the colder weather has reduced my mpg a bit..

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