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Focus 2007 1.8 Tdci - Slowly Falling Apart?

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Can I not get a salvage 1 and get it fitted and programmed cheap? I have seen them for £50-£150. Anymore than that I will just put up with it.

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you could, but you would need to find one with less mileage than yours. that does not have the same issues as what you are getting. you will also need to pay a ford dealer a visit to get them to reprogram the immobiliser and keys as well as the BSI etc. just not a simple plug and play im afraid.

does the needle sit at just below 0 when the engine is off? if so i would begin to look at the circuit that powers the rev needle. it could be a fact the sensor or wiring is knackered and will be a far cheaper alternative.

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and from past experience finding a decent salvage one thats has less mileage and in better nick is like looking for hens teeth.

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No it sits at a random spot, I have technically fixed it now. Basically it went round to 5 or 6 and that was where it stayed, start engine it would jump another number then move with the revs and stay that way.

I remove it to try check wiring and cracked the plastic, stuck a piece of wire in and pushed the needle back to 0. Been working fine ever since and glued the small crack so I'm happy for now

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Just been on the phone with ford customer relations.

Stressed my concern with 2 issues on my ford; the display speedo cluster & timing belt change.

Was told that there isn't a common fault with the display cluster and they only go off ford repairs/diagnosis not forums or independent garages to which I replied ford are not going to have a record as most people will react like myself and refuse to pay the £600+ replacement cluster and labour charge with fords therefore no recorded repairs.

2nd issue was my car was serviced and was advised timing belt and pulley is fine plus other issues I had a concern about like a wheel bearing and DMF. I asked what happens if I take fords recommendation, eg the 125k/10yr timing belt advise and it snaps. Was told its only a guide to which I said but independent garages recommend 80K which is a big difference and again was advised they only go of fords guidance so back to my original question; what happens if I take fords advice and they are wrong.

She is speaking to a technical manager and told me I will be contacted before end of working day Friday. Interesting to see if they help with either issue, guessing I shouldn't hold my breath.

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