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Yes The Car's In Warrenty Sir, But That'll Be £900.

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I am wondering this, after reading this thread nearly 2 years after it was posted there was no follow up conclusion?!

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I'm interested too.. Had the same problem.. car was 6 years old and had 80k but it's been said the mk6+ facelift along with all cars of the same age from Citroen and Peugeot. Something to do with the engine design.. Injector seals going led to loads of carbon in and around engine and turbo.. Blocking the sump and knackering both at once!

Put us out of our misery please!

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Well after cutting his losses and getting rid of his disastrous corsa a few years back in favour for a Fiesta 1.4 TDCi, my dad has been landed with an eye-watering bill before christmas.

He's a driving instructor and recently him and his pupils have noticed his fiesta doesn't have that burst of power when accelerating when the turbo would usually kick in. Basically his mechanic friend had a look and confirmed the turbo needed replacing and said to take it to a dealership as its still in warrently (2.5yrs old / 52,000 miles).

So spoke to his dealership friend who agreed the turbo had gone and said they'd have to send pics to Ford for them to approve the work under warrenty - however Ford have replied saying it isn't a manufacturing fault so it'll be £900 to replace.

Obviously this isn't what we need on a nearly new car, at christmas, the quietiest time of year work-wise.

Can anyone reccomend any cheaper non-ford replacements suitable for his fiesta please?

Also has anyone had this issue before?



What is your service history? Exact miles and dates? You are allowed 10% on milage for warranty issues that service intervals are expected. Which in your case it is as the turbo is fed by oil.

So say you was supposed to have your car serviced at 12500 (normal service interval) and you get it serviced at 15000 miles. Your powertrain (everything engine related) warranty is void. But you can get the service interval back in track.

Say you habe done 15k miles on first service. Your next one should still be at 24-25k to keep it within warranty.

Could be a reason as to why the claim was rejected. If you havnt serviced the car to manufacturs spec that could be a reason. Or if there is evidence of modification that is a result on its failure could be an issue.

Im not accusing just sayin as so many people dont realise what warranty means on cars now a days. Just becuase it has warranty it does not mean everything is covered for the 3 year. Things can only be covered for 1 year (this is being changed now).

Its a pain in the backside when you have to diagnose the vehicle which is within warranty as you have to do certian things in a certian order and all to fords guidelines

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Oh just noticed this old thread - sorry I'd never responded. :-s

Seems like a life time ago now but basically from what I remember after arguing and arguing, Ford didn't back down. So you'll be disappointed to know that my dad gave up and replaced it himself. (It was christmas time and had went on long enough, and my dad just wanted his car sorted to get on with his job).

I think he'd went to a local certified Ford service place who does a lot of work for a large taxi firm (with mostly Fords on their fleet). They recommended a turbo which was the same as the OEM one, just without 'Ford' stamped on it - for a lot less than £900 - can't remember the price he paid).

Without asking my dad thats pretty much all I remember, and the cars been fine since. He'll be looking into changing it either this year or around March 2015 - probably for a new Fiesta actually as I guess after time passes you kinda forget about odd troubles like this one. Generally the Fiesta is a great little car, and one that is desirable for new drivers to learn in .

(And Kevzs960 - his car has all its service stamps etc, probably pretty close to the recommended time/mileage too, but nevermind).

Cheers guys. Sorry again for the disappointing outcome. lol

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Same thing happened with mine... At the time I thought I was keeping the car so had it done through Ford just because of the 12 month warranty inc fitting etc..

I did some research in to turbos that were the same as the oem's and pretty certain Garrett or similar make turbos were around £250 on exchange basis, would have saved me like £800 quid considering ford charged me 1200 for it :'(

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Warranties are additional to any rights you may have under the Sale of Goods Act, they are not a substitute. When you buy a

car the agreement is called a 'simple contract' and you may have rights lasting up to SIX YEARS from the date of purchase.

This will of course depend on how much you paid for the car and the nature of the fault. Some garages like you to believe

that the warranty is all you have if your car develops a fault but that is definitely not the case.

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2011 Fiesta, Personally I'd speak to a solicitor about this, you have 7 years from the date of enquiry and being boyed off from them to make a claim.

I'd basically just get a letter drawn up to a small claims court for the money back from Ford, Turbo is covered it's a critical component of the engine, so long as it's within service schedule it'll be fine, Ford will probably get the letter from the courts, it'll be under what £500 going by your post, they'll just write a check, that amount of money isn't worth going to court over due to legal fees being more than that, time out of the office and solicitor costs etc, you'll be able to claim back the £90 odd court fee so long as you cancel it within 3 days or so of the court date.

Honestly, if they get the letter well worded and you're after a few hundred quid they'll just cough up.

Perhaps write to Ford director office first and make this known and see what they say.

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