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Ford Focus Mk2.5 Face Lift Headlights

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Hello there,

I've just bought some mint condition rs headlights for 20squid. But anyway I am wondering has anyone fitted these to a mk2.5 facelift focus? If so is it a direct swap or do I have to do any additional wiring. But I'm not sure if the owner has taken the ballast out as it may of had the hids. If they have would ill be able to run normal halagons. I just wanted abut of style?

Let me know

Many thanks


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THere's a few topics floating around on this one...

see... http://www.fordowner...ift-headlights/

As regards hallogens, the beam pattern would be completely wrong and you would end up dazzling other drivers/failing MOT.

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Oh really I would of thought that having the projectors would focus the beam better?

But ov I've still got my old ones so what about if I was to get a low powered HID Kit ie 6000k or 5400k and having the projectors would it make it any better or is there any bulbs that I could buy so I don't dazzle people?

Can I not manually adjust the beam aim With Allen keys?

And the 10or 7 pin plug is that the plug that's in the back of the headlight?

If I got different plugs is there any converters out there.

And also would the motors still work for adjusting the up and down?

Sooo sorry about all these questions it's just everyone seems to get away with having hids as more and more car manufacturers bring them out as standard.

Many thanks for your replys and intrest. But I though I did pretty good on the headlights considering there worth 400 and bought for 20 nearly new :)

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The projector lenses were designed for the HID bulbs and not hallogen, and this is exactly why you can't stick an HID into a halogen lens unless its been designed specifically for it.

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I see thank you well I was just asking as I'm not sure and I wanted to add style for as little as possible really. I know you can get hid kits for halagen lenses ie h7r and what not. So I'll get a kit and fit it and just keep my other headlights for mot time. But my car is a 60 plate anyway so I've got just over a year before mot time

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Thanks for that I'm just waiting for my headlights to arrive. Anywas as mine is a mk2.5 2010 I take it that I'll have a ten pin connection so that if the lights arrive with the hid already installed apparently its just a straight plug and play. I found this out buy reading this link. It's the same thing I'm doinghttp://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/31747-mk2-facelift-retrofitting-bi-xenon-headlights/

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