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Eonon D5105 Help Please

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hello all,

i am in need of help with the eonon d5105 that i got off fleebay.

the problem i have is when a cd or dvd is put in the unit the screen stays black with a warning in the middle.

do not watchthis while driving is what it says, to get rid of this you should just be able to touch the screen for a few seconds and it should go.

i have been told to attach the brake wire to the nuetral wire but i have no brake wire.

so has any one got this unit and do they know of a cure.

please help if you can.

billybob66 ;) :) :)

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If you look on my guide to fitting an aftermarket head unit found in my signature you will see the steps you need to take to connect it to the handbrake.

Or as Sal says, sometimes you can just earth it. But apparantly on newer head units simply earthing doesnt work, so if you want the dvd player to work while driving you'll need to purchase a 'bypass'

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cheers guys for the quick replys, i tried to earth it but no joy.

i will follow your guide brigante on how to fit a new head unit tomorrow.

as we both have the same model it makes it easier to follow.

but just in case that dont work where can i find a bypass and what does it do??

sorry for sounding thick but i am just that. :( :(

again thanks for your help on this.

billybob66. :) :)

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I just spliced my handbrake wire into the earth cable in the radio loom, works fine :-)

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Im not too sure on where to purchase a bypass, i'm just going by what i've read on google. But apparantly you can pick em up cheap enough on ebay. Basically it tricks the head unit into thinking the handbrake is always on. So instead of wiring to the handbrake, you wire to the bypass.

Am i right in saying the wiring loom that came with your head unit had a really long wire on it with a splice block on the end of it like mine?

If so, its this wire that needs to go to the handbrake. Its easy enough to route. You need to remove the head unit surround, demister switch surround, gear leaver surround and lift up the hand brake gator, sounds a lot but its all very easy and simply unscrews or unclips.

Once all thats out the way you can pull and route the long wire down from the head unit all the way to the handbrake where you can splice block it to the hand brake wire.

If you go on my guide i've pictured all this in detail and where you can locate the hand brake wire. The part of the guide you need is about 2 thirds down i think

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Please note:As a police Officer I do not officially condone the usage of a DVD system in the front of a vehicle while driving, Link posted for information/novelty value only.


(official sounding crap out of the way)

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got it sorted now so a big thanks to all you guys who helped me out.

there is an option on the unit that i have pressed i dont know how many times that did nothing.

but by pure accident i kept my thumb on this option for a good ten seconds and got the chioce of brake on or off.

changed this to off and now i have control of the cd player for the first time, happy days. B) B)

again thanks to all who posted, billybob66. ;) :D

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