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Key Coding

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Hi, I recently washed my car key & now the clicker doesn't work. I rang my local dealer & they quoted £156, does anybody know any cheaper places in the South Wales area or any other options I have? Thanks in advance.

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First of all which model Focus do you own?

Is it a flip key or a standard horseshoe fixed blade?

All you really need to replace is the side with the central locking circuit board and buttons on it, the other side has the transponder to deactivate the immobiliser in it and i really don't reckon washing it will have affected that unless the transponder has been broken by the washing action.

Have you tried the key in the ignition to see if it will still start the car?

I reckon your best bet is to buy this item-


Remove the blade from your key with a screwdriver into the slot, seperate the case into it's two halves and you will see the circuit and battery on one side and the transponder position on the other side.

Swap the circuit side from your original key with the new one and reassemble.

All you should need to do next is programme the remote to your car by following these instructions-

Radio Frequency Programming Instructions:

  • Insert the ignition key and turn from position II (Ignition) to position 0 (All off) and back four times within three seconds. (do not start the car)
  • Remove the ignition key. The locking control system is now in "learn mode" for the next 20 seconds and the red warning system LED should stay on continuously to indicate this.
  • During the 20 seconds press one of the transmitter buttons. The remotes signal and code number is learned by the locking module and is indicated by flashing the warning system LED.
  • Wait until learn mode times out (20 seconds) or switch the ignition back to ON.

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Hi, I have a 2005 Focus Titanium 1.6Tdci & my key is the same as the photo in the link you sent me. The key starts the car up with no problem at all it's just the buttons to open the doors & the boot that's not working...

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Definitely recommend you do like I stated in my previous message.

Buy the key from my eBay link and just transfer the button side of the case to your existing key.

The central locking circuit is the only bit that uses power from the battery, the immobiliser transponder is totally passive and only works by sympathetic resonance with the immobiliser transmitter ring around the ignition barrel.

I guarantee that the grafted button section will solve your problems.

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Stoney thanks for the help, the new clicker works!!

Not a problem, glad you got it resolved.

I assume you followed my suggestion and bought a donor key off eBay?

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Yes I did. So easy to program the new remote too, only thing that threw me was when I connected the new fob to my key it wouldn't start the engine, so I've just got to have the new fob on my keyring too!! Thanks again for your help!

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Did you split the case into two pieces and just swap the circuit side or the whole fob?

As long as you have the new circuit and the old immobiliser part together you should not need to have two fobs together.


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