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New Member Happy New Year To All Of You

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I believe the one you're after is like this one-


Clearance for the back box may be an issue though, it may be worth popping to an exhaust fitter and getting them to check dimensions.

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Thank you for the link, i find another one which seems to be more " sport " , this one : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sport-Exhaust-Chrome-Tail-Pipe-Tip-Trim-Ford-Focus-Mk2-Hatchback-2005-2012-/300629037212?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item45fee3109c&clk_rvr_id=430815824099&afsrc=1

It will fit my car easily or do the pipe needs to be trimmed ?

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if its just a tail pipe there shouldn't be any dimension issues as the backbox is about 600mm from the rear of the car, certainly the 1.6 petrol and 1.8 diesel i have replaced exhausts on have been due to the subframe.

I think the pipe diameter on the 1.8tdci is about 60mm IIRC - maybe slightly larger where as the petrol is a bit smaller so you will need to check what the tail pipe internal diameter is

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thanks for your answers.

I probably think that's what i would do.

I got the 1.8 tdci and i watched last time the pipe and it is pretty big i don't think it's 60mm it's slightly larger you right.

Where can i know the the pipe diameter on my car, Ford can tell me that ?

And what kind of pipe you placed on your 1.8 tdci , a 60mm diameter ?

Thank you

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I'm a new member, i got a Ford Focus Mk2, i hope i help you if possible

Thank you

happy new year !!

Welcome to the forum,

If you get a moment join photobucket and upload some images of your motor, You can then edit to remove your reg plate etc. Then copy the .img code from each image uploaded and paste it on to a post in the forum for the image to display. You may also like to log on to DMB Graphics for some Gel badge overlays to fit over your existing blue ford badges: http://www.dmb.uk.co...es-gel-overlays

And finally A Green Cotton induction filter will make gear change slightly more positive aswell as increase your mpg. If purchasing one then see my guide in the list below this post for a 10% discount code, you may also like the footwell lighting guide and additional boot light, most of the guides are available in PDF format to download and print.

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