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Is it the Mk2 or the Mk2.5 (facelifted) model?

I have a Mk2, and here's a full list of bulbs:

Bulbs :

Headlights :

Sidelight - W5W (501) 5w

Dipped beam - H7 (477) 55w

Main beam - H1 (448) 55w

Front fog - H8 (708)

Rear Lights :

Rear tail / brake - (380) 21w

Rear Fog - (382) 21w

Reverse - (382) 21w

Number plate - (239) 5w

Indicators :

Front - PY21W (581) orange 21w

Rear - PY21W (581) orange 21w

Side - WY5W (501A) orange 5w

Halfords spare bulb kit no. 18

References like H1 and H7 should be standard, but places like Halfords also use the 501/477 refs

First thing I did when I got my Focus was create a note on my iPhone and write all this stuff down, plus things like tyre size & pressure, wiper blade lengths, specific oil specification etc

This way I always have the correct information when buying stuff.

H7 will fit your car if its a Mk2, not sure about the Mk2.5

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I'm not sure which mine is. I think it's the mk 2.5 though. It's a 58 Focus zetec TDCi. This website below says they will fit my car although the bulls are listed as H7 499. According to Halfords, I need the H7 477 though. It's their any difference between 477 and 499?


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