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How To Build New Bonnet Lock Kit Focus Mk2

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I recently bought a bonnet lock kit after the common problem of my previous one breaking on my 07 Focus! I need to fit to my own key but didn't realise the complexity of building the lock and how many spacers there are included!

I know I could go to Ford but the reason I bought the kit was to save me money and be able to do it myself.

Is there a guide and pictures to help this? Any answers greatly received!



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First of all, welcome to the Forum.

I assume this is the type of kit you've got?


Unfortunately i can't find any guides to rebuilding the lock.

Did they not supply instructions?

If they did, maybe you could scan them and post the images here so we (I) can have a look?

Do you have the original barrel still?

If so can you strip it one plate at a time and compare it to the parts from the kit so as to work out the correct plate order?

Failing that maybe it would be an option to take the kit and the key/old lock to a locksmith (auto locksmith being the best option?

It may be better to take a small wallet hit rather than having to go to Ford and them a/ refuse to use the kit you bought and insist you buy one from them instead b/ charge you a couple of hours labour to do the job and probably call in the same auto locksmith you could use directly and then charge you his fee plus theirs on top.

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