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Just How Bad

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Are the water leaks that I've read about on the convertibles.

The reason i ask is i am in the position to replace my car, Rover 45 2L td 2001. Wife has a 2001 focus petrol which is a great drive and after much discussion we have come to the conclusion that we would like to finally own a convertible.

Looking through auto-trader are budget will cover several models Focus 07-08, Astra 07-08,

Megane 07-08, Pug 307 07-08.

I'm one for checking reviews and noticed the Astra has a few issues with the roof motors and leakage. The focus seemed to get good owner reviews but having now looked a bit more they appear to be worst for leaking.

Now the dilemma both the pug and the megane seem to get absolutely glowing reviews from owners and I'm thinking these would be a better option but French cars always get frowned upon by us Brits.

So can anyone on here confirm how good or bad the focus really is and does anyone know owners of the others and their experiences of owning them.

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The Focus CC as it was termed is not particularly popular due to leaking and the fact that it flexes like a swine due to inadequate bracing to compensate for the loss of roof strength.

Tbh there's nothing stopping you giving one a try but be very sure it's what you want before shelling out your hard earned cash.

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The hardtop foci leaks like a !Removed! sieve the cc i can confirm is worse roof leaks are terrible wind noise isnt great either when i was looking there was 2 in the dealers and cos i knew the guy well he admitted they were traded in due to the leaks personally i wouldnt touch one as for french cars stay clear they are bags of junk shocking electrics and the most common car for breaking down get a normal focus or go japanese or korean hyundai toyota honda etc trust me i spent many years in a garage and i know what youll see most often thats pugs citroens and renaults and the mot bills get higher and higher they are fine for the first 3-4 years after that they are rubbish hence why many appear for sale very cheap at 3-4 years old

With our weather convertibles are as much use as sunscreen in scotland they always leak poor body control and to be honest are hair dressers cars even the sister in kaw got rid of her bmw convertible because bar a month or two in the year you cant enjoy it

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Just to balance the argument, some convertables will be fine, you may come across the perfect deal, and a car with limited to no leaking at all, but one thing to bear in mind when buying used... "Why is this car on the market?"

Sometimes its because the car has been outgrown (my Cee'd for example) and the CMAX is an ex cat D writeoff... A lot of the CC's will be on the market for one of a few reasons... 1) Fuel consumption 2) leaks and quality of sealant around the entire canvas 3) road Noise and the higher effort needed to keep the car warm on long journeys (I have known a few swap for these reasons!"

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