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The Sportka Has Gone

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I had to sell the wifes SportKA as it was going to cost a load to get through the next MOT. The rear chassis mounts were going and it would have meant the fuel tank and brake pipes would have to be removed in order to get these welded up.

On top of that, for the third year running, on return from the Christmas Holidays the thing started mis-fireing again. Having already spent loads on it over the last two years I had had enough so while it had a full MOT I decided to sell it.

I needed to quickly get a replacement as my missus is using my Focus. So before she gets a chance to damage it I had to find something for around £2k. It also needed to be a low insurance group (Group 3)so my daughter can learn to drive in it next year.

Having looked at loads of cars we settled on a low mileage Clio Dynamique (Sorry if Renaults offend anyone) as there was nothing we liked out of all the other makes and models that fits the bill and KA's were out of the question as we have had a few of these already.

At least I will get my Focus back next week. Just hope its still in one piece.

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lol shame to see you had to drop the KA but at least you have your Focus back... How old was she before you got rid of her?

It was a 53 plate with 89,000 on the clock. On the surface it was a nice straight clean looking car. It was just underneath at the back that was the problem.

Ive put a new clutch in it, water pump, injector, front springs, thermostat housing, tyres because the tracking got knocked out, 2 coil packs, expansion tank as well as getting a mis-fire sorted on a few occasions and the normal servicing (plugs leads, filters etc).

It only averaged 32mpg and I would never have got my daughter insured on it anyway. Plus it was due a cambelt. Just hope the replacement will be cheaper to run.

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Lmao , nothing worse that when Wifey takes controls of our toys lol , so far wife has only driven my car once, i think me shouting "WTFAYD" while going from second to third but hitting first gear has thankfully put her off driving it . :)

goodluck with the new car

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