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2L Tdci Ghia X - Car Rocks/shakes At Switch Off ..

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Just got a 2nd hand 2004/53 2l TDCi Ghia X 117K miles cheap because clutch was going.

Though Clutch would be a £300 job but then had a quick introduction to the world of DMFs!

Since had new Clutch DMF CSC (so not so cheap after all!) - I asked to see the old parts - and I was shown bits that looked correct and car drives much better now.

Anyway, both before and after the new DMF I noticed at switch off the car rocks back & forth for about 1/2 a second. It feels like I'm in a cheap hire van.

Start up is find and smooth.

Idle is smooth.

Its just shut down is a bit rough.

Should I be worried ?

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DMF should prevent unnecessary instability of the car... If your getting that sort of vibration, it *could* be the DMF, but to be honest, its more likely to be something like the engine mounts, or bushings...

Are you comfortable replacing bits on your car? if so have you got a Haynes manual?

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I can't remember exactly what the part is, but somewhere in the exhaust system there is something that shuts a flap to help smooth switch off, this flap can get stuck open after many years of driving... and cause wobbly turn off..

I cant remember exactly if the EGR does this or whether its its own part.. I'm sure someone will be able to help me out and correct me!!

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