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Won't Go in to gear properly

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My car was not going to gear and reverse was grinding in late November, would oonly go into gear with the engine off. took it to a garage said it was the clutch. paid for a new clutch.

mid december the same problem although it wouldnyt go into gear at all, engine on or off. took it to same garage. said something about transmission fluid and the slave cylinder. paid for this work to be done.

now again, the car is not going into gear properly and reverse is grinding. they had said to me last time teh cylinders can go at any time and next time it could be your master cylinder (which is perhaps what has happened now).

is this the case or could there be a problem elsewhere that hasnt been looked at or is something dodgy going on?

any help would be appreciated.

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If your clutch master cylinder has gone theres usually clutch fluid inside the car on the pedal. To be honest it sounds to me like the cables need adjusting on the selector.

thanks for your reply.

theres no fluid inside the car..

could it have been this in the first place - the selector?

this sounds like a quick job and not something that would have cost me £500.

i know its hard to say without looking at car.

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Its very difficult to say without seeing the car but I would say seen as the problems the same throughout then if it is the selector cables that need adjusting (they do stretch over time) then yes it could quite easily have been this all along. However I'd be very surprised if a Mk2 has selector issues already, but I have been surprised before.

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