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Badge Overlays

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I don't want to walk into this procedure blindfolded like I did when I was respraying the dash, so can someone give me a rough guide or a step-by step if your really nice on what exactly I would have to do to get these overlays on...

Can they be taken off?

Bonus question - Can't seem to find a name for it, but whats the bit of aftermarket plastic you can buy that covers the top tiny slit grill(the one with the ford badge in the middle) or is it just called a bonnet lip or something?

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Make sure it's clean first, so it squeaks when you rub your finger over it, then warm up the badge with a hair drier or heat gun on low, make sure it's nice and warm but not boiling hot. Then heat the back of the overlay a little (but not as warm), then place the overlay on and push nice and firm. Keep it pushed on for a few minutes. Should be enough really. It's what I've done, and worked reapplying my 'S' wheel badge.

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What I've found is if you have the black or silver backing, you will be fine..,

However the white backing kept peeling up from my other halves car.. I ended up using gorilla glue to keep all her badges on, Mine have stuck fine though,

Its a good idea once you've pressed them on to warm them again once stuck, then apply some more pressure, just to make sure they have moulded to the badge. Mine moulded so well the slight raised ford logo from the original badge actually showed trough mine!!

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