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Alloy Et Offset..

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Forgive me if this post is in the wrong section of the site, I'm a newbie to this so not sure..

I need to find out what the wheel offset is on a 59 plate fiesta edge?, it's sporting standard 15" steels at the moment but I would like to change them for a set of 15" alloys (can't stand steels and trims).... Can't seem to find out the offset required?? Would other year and models fit straight on? Puma wheels or such like?

I know that it should be stamped on the inside of the rims but being middle aged and a woman I haven't taken the standards off yet and don't really want to do so until I know which wheels are likely to fit without spacers and all that sort of stuff. I've called our local Dag Mtrs and they were as helpful as a chocolate teapot so any sensible help here would be very much appreciated.

thanks in advance, debbie

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6.5 is the width in inches, not the offset.

Probably ET52.5 like most of the recent fiesta have been.

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HI guys, many thanks for taking the time to post your replies to my query, very much appreciated.

Mordey, I was going to say that 6.5j is the depth of the wheel and not the offset but Dal beat me to it.

Dal, thanks are they really that high an offset?, for some reason I thought fiestas were somewhere around the 35- 40 mark?.

Of course I'm probably wrong with that assumption hence being on here to get help and advice..

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Just found this after using google.

Fitment Information for Ford Fiesta MK7 (08 onwards)

The Ford Fiesta MK7 2008 onwards model has a pcd of 4x108 and will take alloy wheels from 14x5.5" up to 17x7" without any clearance issues as long as the alloy wheels have an offset of between ET30 and ET45.


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Mordey, you're a star!

Thank you. I also did google searches but couldn't find anything along the lines of the link you've sent. Now I know what the offsets are I'll be able to whittle down the sorts of wheels I've been looking at and make a final decision. :)

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PMSL!!, that's brightened my day no end, good thing it came out relatively ok on the e-mail... :lol:

thanks for all the help given, at least I have some idea now which wheels WON'T fit, just have to trawl through and work out which ones I'd be happy with of those that will fit. x

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