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Hello, I'm pretty new here so i thought i would introduce myself. I'm 21 year's old and am yet to have my driving license but have always been a fan of old Fords! I recently purchased my Mk2 Escort GL 1979 on 12th of January 2013, i am in the process of fixing her up and returning her to her formor glory extremely slowly :).

When i saw pictures of the car on ebay i was told it was "solid" i knew the engine was not currently in the car and it was a rolling shell with spares.


When the car finally got home, i realised there was a considerable amount of things missing from the car which i am currently replacing, the car was also solid to a point. Some places being solid but filler, we chipped away at the filler on the front wings which is a common place for rust on these, it ended up looking somewhat like this when we where finished.



After removing the interior, which was in pretty much brilliant condition we went about removing the doors, 3 of the doors where in good condition but the drivers side wasnt looking very repairable!


After purchasing a new door last week things where starting to fall more into place and the grueling job of rust treatment and sandpapering could begin!





We Sprayed on some cheap £1 primer to protect it from the elements, we managed to finish the bonnet and one of the gutters which where very rusty and dirty!

This is unfortunately as far as i have got so far, it is still missing a lot of things. I'm not mechanic but i do have a skilled friend to guide me as a fix up "Wilson" as he has been christened :). Looking forward to getting this classic back on the road! :D

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Thankyou for all the positive feedback, i'll be sure to make a new thread in the escort section, or restoration section if there is one :)

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Hi welcome :)

will be great to see her done something about these cars.

WoW Dez speaks more than Welcome!! He is a real person people.

We require a full restoration thread and copious photos of the progress.

Anything less will be unacceptable :D.

BTW, welcome to the Club Josh

Welcome to the forum Josh,

Top respect on the project mate, im looking forward to a 30 page build thread full of images. You may also like to log on to DMB Graphics for some Gel badge overlays to fit over your existing blue ford badges or vintage ford decals: http://www.dmb.uk.co...-gel-overlays

You may also like to browse my list guides all linked below this post, most of the guides are available in PDF format to download and print aswell as viewing online,

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Welcome to the Forum

We at the Mod team just want to say thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy reading and posting throughout the forums


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Welcome mate and look forward to seeing how you progress. I passed my driving test in one of those in 1979 at the grand age of 17, so it sure is a blast from the past.

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Welcome mate!

and good luck with that project!! what ever the time you have set for finishing it, DOUBLE IT!!

I've set myself the task of a year to finish it maximum, it's mainly because i work so much and don't always have access to the car since its kept in a friends lock up.

I will be sure to make a thread when i make some more progress, just worked on one of the sills yesterday! was incredibly rusty, hoping to go do the engine bay this morning :)

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