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Mk1 Petrol Cutting Out Intermittantly

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Hello Focus Fanatics

I've had a look but cant find specifics for this. A little wisdom please.

(I have some knowledge but that's a dangerous thing when it comes to tinkering)

1.8 zetec petrol '99 Tplate runs like a clock until very occasionally at low revs 5th gear 45-55mph it will stutter, revs will drop and unless i dip the clutch and blip throttle it will choke and cut out.

When it does cut out it will restart right away.

So.... fuel problem-Filter- ? (i only use shell petrol not tesco ribena)

HT Leads or spark plugs, Whats a good bet to replace them with?

do these have coil packs as such? (a beggar on zee french i know)

Throttle position sensor if there is such a thing.......

Summer or winter this is an intermittant fault. full tank, 1/2 tank, empty makes no difference.

To my little ear there is a slight mis-fire but maybe im just too picky?

Any hoo any ideas please before i throw lots of queens heads at it??


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sorry, slightly naughty word

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it sounds like a coil pack or lead issue usually you end up having to change both the mk1 doesnt like anything else but genuine ford leads as for coil packs these are the only ones i use

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Nice, thanks for link. i does have unipart leads and so im guessing plugs will be bargain basement too!

I'll get a code read and see if th mis fire has been picked up, if going shopping

Thank you

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Unipart leads dont work well with the foci does the soeedo or rev needle hit o before it cuts out the list would be coil pack and leads plugs not gapped at 1.0mm then speed sensor hence the question if the revs show o as its cutting out and lastly the idle control valve or just remembered have a look at the rear of the throttle body tgeres a rubber hise going into it rev the engine and see if this hose is collapsing follow it to the exhaust manifold and pull up this is the emission control valve give that a clean or replace the spring goes weak and stops opening when it should

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OOoh loads of tinkering....i like it! Thanks for knowledge, I look at rev/speedo when it does it not sure if hits 0. On M4 yesterday, it did it at 85mph in the outside lane....needless to say I had to open a window to let the smell out!!!! Will get me lead light out and get fettling, many thanks

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So, it began to lose power this morning i watched and the revs/speedo didnt drop at all i didnt dip the clutch but just lifted off the throttle and then gently accelerated again, and she just came back to life, no stall lights or cut out. throttle postion sensor?

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Either TPS of fuel filter? Sounds to me like the pressure in the fuel line dropped, and although the revs didnt dip, it could have just had enough to just lightly choke it and then your releasing of the pedal may have coincided with enough of a breather to get back on with it.

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