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Electric Woes

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Hi Please help I am new to this forum so please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere.

I have a November 2010 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 163 Titanium. The car has been OK until about a week ago when the alarm kept sounding at random for no apparent reason. After checking all doors windows etc all was found to be fine but an "alarm system service required" message appeared on the information display. All was fine for about a week when the alarm began to sound again. My only option this time was to leave the car in an unlocked state so I took it to Cwmbran Ford for repair. They informed me they replaced the horn which was suspect. That evening the alarm once again was triggered and I returned to Cwmbran Ford this morning. I have just received a phone call from them informing me that the root of the problem is down to water ingress in the fusebox and this is not covered by the warranty. The wiring loom has also been affected and needs to be replaced with the fusebox at a cost of (wait for it) £1352.

If water has entered the fusebox surely this would be covered under warranty and any subsequent damage caused. At the moment only the alarm system has failed and I am at present not in a position to examine my car. Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to what to do next.

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If you were to dry out the fusebox and check for corrosion on relays and fuses you may well be ok.

£1352 to change a fusebox? Were they wearing a mask and a stripy jumper when they told you this?

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Ford should be banned from this practice of changing random stuff and billing the customer. Diagnose once, fix properly. Not guess guess guess, bill the customer repeat ad infinitum.

It stinks.

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Unfortunately some Ford dealers have poor staff you cant blame Ford for everything. Most dealerships are franchised and so its the people in them that count. I'm a senior tech for a Ford dealership and we would certainly endeavor to correctly diagnose the problem before any bills went out. But I think you will probably find that there would have been no such bill as I suspect the horn sounder for the alarm was changed under warranty. It is annoying for the customer to have to return with a problem they presumed had been fixed but I can tell you as a technician I'd be highly embarrassed if I job I had done came back. The issue on water ingress is in fact correct water ingress is only covered for the first year I think. Do they know where the water has come in from as it could be the result of previous work carried out and then the repairer may be liable for the cost of the remedial work? Any way hope this helps and if I can be of any help pls contact me. It feels good to help others.

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Just got back from main stealers and the full diagnosis is " At some time in the cars life water has got into the fusebox in the passenger footwell under the glove compartment. Although there is no sign of water now, the wiring loom and fuse box have become corroded and need replacing" This would normally cost £1599 but lucky me got a discount and will only be charged £1379 (plus diagnostic costs)

The car was three and a half months old when I purchased it and was probably leaking through the windscreen before it left the factory and the leak was fixed but nothing else. I now somehow have to prove Ford where negligent in the original repair (assuming it was Ford who did it) by only fixing the source of the leak.

As to the previous repair this was done under warranty and I have not as yet been billed. I am expecting the car back later today I will let you know what happens watch this space (not hopefull)

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