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Bonnet Latch And Fuel Return Pipe Clips

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Hello everyone.

Two issues I've come across yesterday.

Firstly how the hell do you get the little damn clips back into the fuel return pipes? i had the whole pipes changed to stop diesel leaking and just cannot get my finger in there properly to push the clips back in. already lost 2 clips which ill have to pop the under-tray off to get back. it seems to be alright to drive without the clips as its already secured with just the plugs.

Secondly. i have noticed that sometimes the boot latch fails to open. if i turn the key to the 1 position, nothing would happen until i keep it in 1 and give a hard tap around the mechanism area which would pop it out of the first latch, then it would also be a struggle trying to open the second latch but eventually after some pulling around i can get it open. the first latch seems to work fine when i manually click it back to the position it would be when its closed, and turning the key to 1 would pop the latch open. and for the number 2 latch it wouldn't travel all the way to the end so its sort of stops half way which doesn't give it enough space for the bonnet to go through. What type of spray can i use to make the latches more springy? i tried silicone paste but it doesn't seem to do much effect or would i need to replace the part?

Many thanks for any replies.

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The Latch is a common fault , get some wd40 with the Straw directional and soak the latch and keep turning left and right while you have it open , once you feel it's free moving apply grease to the latch.

no idea about the clips

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did that a few times, now the boot cant open no matter what i do.. ill have to try the screwdriver in the grill hole trick tomorrow morning.

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