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Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

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The decat was made by a guy I found through a fellow member.

PM me and I will forward his email address.

Are you getting the 2.2?

Yes mate it will be the 2.2 one I should have it in 3 weeks sill taking my st apart I will keep a eye out for the Collins map see what it dose as I love the cp330 map I had on my st

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Last night had the rear diffuser wrapped in Gloss Black... Thanks to Mark again!


Today was a good day...

at 5.30am to travel down to Collins Performance in Congleton. Hit some
major traffic on the way down and arrived just after 10 am.

arrival I was greeted by Gary and work soon commenced. Gary whipped out
the ECU from under the wheel-arch and presented it to Martin to work
his magic.




it was confirmed that Martin could crack the ECU and reprogram it Gary
then dismantled the DPF from the car and fitted my custom AAS DPF delete
pipe. Now the car has a full stainless exhaust with de-cat and DPF



few hours of reading Fast Ford and Performance Ford in the lobby and
chatting with Gary about brake upgrades. It might be possible to fit
some Focus RS MK2 brakes, then upgrade the discs and pads... but need
confirmation from somewhere... or find a RS calliper to try. Otherwise
the S-Max Callipers and discs will fit but not much of an upgrade, or
buy some K-Sport 8 pots for around a grand.

After a
while Martin came down from the Bat-Cave with my bespoke custom
programmed ECU with DPF delete file and EGR delete too! Gary popped it
back in and Martin took me for a spin to check the map works as its
supposed to.

My god... I was sure this was not my car.
Initial start up and it roars!! The pull is now immense and smooth in
all gears. Turbo kicks in at low revs and just keeps pulling. The
exhaust sounds even better under load! I was REALLY impressed.

back to HQ and Gary popped the ECU out again so Martin could seal it.
Once done it was slotted back in and everything bolted back together


I payed up and headed back to the NE... got a couple of CP stickers to fit at a later date.

out onto the road and I nearly left an 11 behind me! Wow... torque
massive!! Loads of traffic going near Manchester to hit the ring road...
then the fun began! Out on the motorway I gave the Mondy some beans...
broom broom!! It feels like a new car. Quick, torquey and very
responsive. Loving the growl. Had a "Grass Hole" in an Audi riding in my
boot... so dropped a cog and left him standing. Mint.

big thanks to Gary and Martin again for sorting the mapping and DPF
delete. I dare say I will be back when I get my next Ford!

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Just read through this, that is a fantastic job there! Do you know what BHP it is now?

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As it always happens with my cars... I now have the Mondeo pretty
much where I want it performance wise... and I think I may sell it.

I am moving back to Lincolnshire in early Jan... and will be buying our first house.

To generate more capital for a deposit I think selling my car will free up some cash. Would be looking for around £13k for it.

Would replace with a Mondeo MK3 ST-TDCI.

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Recon around 240 ish...

Could you put up the graphs - the most so far with the mk4 2.2L on these types of mods has been about 220Hp

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No graphs... Not been on a rolling road yet.

I'm going off a standard car with remap by Collins going from 175 BHP to approx 220 BHP. So recon with the added decat, DPF delete, exhaust, uprated intercooler and RS K&N air cone should be an extra 20 BHP or so. Hopefully get it on a rolling road in 2014 if I don't sell it first!

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Do boy, thanks for your brilliant blog, I bought a black txs 2.2 mk4 2009 on a09 plate, had a BMW e90 330d befor, was a brill car, but the mondeo is a far better all round car, had nothing but bills with the BMW , I love the mondeo, I had a st 24 on a r plate ten years ago, I loved it but this car is miles better ! Love everything you have done to your car, would love to do a remap, but have seen those plug inn boxes on ebay, do you know anything about them, ?

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Yeah... I have heard they can be bad new dude! I know some people run them without issue... But I would not touch one! If your serious about your motor get a remap. If your near Collins Performance in Macclesfield ... Pop in and talk to them. I drove down from Newcastle... Once in my Focus ST and once in the Mondeo. They are masters of remapping! Car feels brilliant.

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Here is a little device I bought off ebay to assist with my spraying projects.


Did the sprayer nozzle help at all?

Car looks amazing btw!!!

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