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2002 Focus Estate Wheel Alignment Woes

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During the recent snow I was unfortunate enough to have slid on the ice into a kerb whilst trying to turn a corner.

Despite going at only a few miles an hour, the resulting impact sheared my passenger lower wishbone and of course kerbed my alloy on that side. After a £150 bill with new wishbone fitted and 4 wheelalignment completed im back on the road. However I now find steering gets light at more than 30mph and I have a slight vibration.

I presume the vibration could well be the kerbed wheel being out of balance but what would cause the light steering?

I have a print out of the alignment with the following figures, can someone tell me if it sounds correct and if possible quote what the ford spec for camber, caster & toe-in is please.

My figures are:-

Caster Left front 2.08

Caster Right front 2.35

Camber Left front -1.03

Camber Right front -1.08

Toe-in Left front 0.09

Toe-in Right front 0.05

Total Toe-in 0.55

Steer ahead 0.01

Camber Left rear -2.46

Camber Right rear -2.21

Toe-in Left rear 0.16

Toe-in Right rear 0.21

Total Toe-in 0.36

Thrust angle 0.03

Thanks in advance.

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As your impact was severe enough to shear the wishbone it will have almost certainly bent the alloy. The wheel is now wobbling which is the most likely cause of the vibration and the light steering.

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It does make sense that possibly the wheel has become bent but then surely the garage would have checked for that when I returned it complaining of vibration & light steering etc as they were well aware of how the accident happened.

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how did they do the backs the two big bolts that go though the lower arms at the back of car

are normal solid with rust and wont move .I had to burn mine out which means sub frame out dont go there/

thats the only way i could do 4 wheel alignment.but they should only have to do the front wheels as thats were

it was damaged .tyre place i went to only did all 4 wheels because i had renewed all the bolts for wheel alignment

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