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Luke Fletcher


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In that case it is definetly located in the overhead console.

You may need a new overhead unit though as there is a grille for the mic in cars which have it factory fitted.

Does yours look like this (see the round grille)

Well im sure you can retro fit just bluetooth to your car.

You should be able to get a second hand module quite cheaply. Im gonna stick my module on ebay once the usb one has arrived. Gonna ask 80 quid for it. All you require is a replacement turn/signal/beam stalk with telephone prep and a microphone, which your ford dealer can supply. The fiesta harness should have the multiplugs there to take everything, so should be plug and play.

The easiest way to check if the car is prewired for bluetooth is to remove the courtesy light and see if there is a multiplug connector there for the microphone:


You may require a visit to the dealers for a session on the IDS, like Steve, or you may be lucky.

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yeah mines got them grove things. ahhh, so the microphone is in there. i always thought it was in the steering wheel lol. im not looking to fit one as i already got the bluetooth i was just curious where it could have been lol.

thakns for your help on this one

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