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Mk5 Zetec S - No Indicators, Elec Windows Or Heater Blower

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Good evening,

I think iv made a big mistake of taking a MK5 Fiesta Zetec s as a PX on a car i sold.

The hazard lights work and all indicators flash.

If i use indicator stick neither left or right indicators engage.

The electric windows dont work?

The heater fans dont work?

I checked in car fuses and none are blown.

Please can someone advise me what to check as id like to look at it tomorrow and make it work if i can.

Thank to al in advance,


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These circuits are all on different fuse circuits so its not going to be as simple as a blown fuse.

They run through though whats called multifunction modules and its this that is most likely at fault.

Unfortunately , there is nothing you can do with these - they need proper Ford diagnostic equipment connecting to the cars' Obd diagnostic port - and that will trace / determine the fault.

Sometimes its a software fault or other that the diagnostic equipment can deal with - other times its a case of needing a new unit - I can't say at this point, it has to be tested as above.

Unless you can find a local garage that has capable diagnostic equipment / dealer or dealer level, it will have to go on a Ford dealer machine ...

Im sorry its not especially good news but your best bet is to take it to someone with and obd reader. It seems to be a common fault i've seen a few places where all 3 things stop working at the same time.

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All sorted,

It was a relay behind the central fuse box. Swapped it with the rear window heater and the fans, windows and indicators work!


Thanks to all and hope this may prove useful for others

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