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Lifting Jack Kit For An S Max?? Help!

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Hi all,

I'm quite new to the Ford Forum; recently bought an S Max with 18" Titanium alloys when my Sharan got stolen. Love the car but hate the lack of spare so I bought a 16" Ford steel wheel off of eBay with a high profile tyre as a spare.

However I don't own a lifting jack (all my tools got nicked too) and no-one in the S Max section could help me with which one to get which might fit.

Does anyone know what's best to buy? Mondeo? Galaxy? I want to keep it with the car so a trolley jack isn't ideal.

The seals appear to be the vertical pressed style with no flat lifting areas.

Anyone know?

Many thanks in advance guys.


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You would have to find and earlier 2003-2004 galaxy or sharan that had the wind up cable for the spare as that jack will be sufficient enough to lift the car or find ya self a 2tonne bottle jack.

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Cheers fella - the bottle jack looks great but I think it would destroy my seals.

I guess I need a jack with the groove along the top; I'll check out the Galaxy/ Sharan ones like you suggest.

Many thanks.


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The pros for a scissor jack are that they have a cup style bit for the sill

Cons they tend to be weaker and harder to operate as your !Removed! a thread in to make it go up

Pros for bottle jack they are much stronger more stable and lift the vehicle a lot easier

Cons the lift point is smaller and could cause damage the sill if you end up with corroded hub and have to give the wheel a boot to get it off, but there are ways round these issues by making sure your hubs are cleaned copper slipped when tyres and changed and you could buy a rubber block to put between the jack head and sill to protect it or find another spot under the vehicle that's flatter for the bottle jack head.

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