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Exhaust Problem Or Not?

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Recentely I have buy new exhaust custom made and when it was fitted on it sounded great and somehow added more torque and horsepower than i expected...

anyways when i accelarate its sounds how it supposed to sound.. but as decelarate i have window open always... because i smoke.. i hear crackles and pops medium sound not very loud...

and on down shift of gear it crackles a lot and when i go through a town it can become quite loud as i pass walls etc.. people look.. I dont like ya.. occasionaly get a big pop (no flash) it sounds like a firework but without the colourful flying things just sound

I not sure if it is from drifting and revving to high but i definitely took it to check up and there is no faults with engine or anything so can it just be the exhaust?

I made the size bigger so people with glasses can read :)

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