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Ford Transit Connect

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I am thinking of buy a 2008 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT T200 1.8TDCI 75PS are these any good it has only around 68.000 miles. I need a van as I travel all over Europe and just wanted to know if these vans are any good ? I do around 80.000 miles per year and need a good reliable van.

Your thoughts please

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Overall I have heard good feedback on them.The 1.8 I think is without DPF so its good in that respect, though its a small power output for a van, so if your happy with the power, they can be a good buy.

As you can see by the lack of Transit section, where not overly familiar with it, but I am sure others will provide their feedback!

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I have had some experience with Connects as i had one as a dog wagon about 4 years back.

Lovely little runner, economical, spacious and solid as a rock.

You have the nifty ability to fold the passenger seat flat to allow long loads and also it has a tray built into the back of the seat with cup holders and such (ideal for placing paperwork on etc)

Only a couple of little niggles i had with the one i drove, it had solid rear doors so suffered a bit or reversing damage (reversing sensors a good idea?), and the bumper corner pieces have a habit of shedding themselves.

Other than that, i reckon they're cracking little vans for couriers and small building companies/plumbers/travelling workmen.

Get the back fitted out with wood panels and storage racks and it becomes a right little workhorse.


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I've been having some intermittent electrical faults with my 2006 Transit Connect T220 diesel:

wipers & heated mirrors come on when I turn on the ignition

door-operated interior light sometimes works, sometimes not

new battery flat within a week of not being used, while on holiday.

Anyone experienced similar, and if so, found a solution?

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