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Phonebook Access - Focus Titanium X - Samsung Galaxy S 2

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I know that this subject has been touched on before but I'd be really grateful for some extra help here!

My 2012 Mk3 Focus 2.0TDCi Titanium X has the Sony satnav/radio etc system which seems to function correctly on all levels including being able to pair successfully with my Samsung Galaxy S 2 mobile phone.

I can dial a number, or choose a 'speed-dial' number from the phone which is correctly transferred to the in-car system. I can also physically 'dial' a number on the Sony or use the voice command facility and successfully instigate a call that way.

My problem is that when I scroll down to 'Phonebook' in the in-car menu, this word is greyed out; there is no sign of my phone's stored contacts.

I have cancelled the settings on both the phone and the Sony and re-paired the two with no effect, I've made sure that the Ford firmware is up to date, in fact the website indicates that there should be almost complete compatibilty. I've also been able to pair and use the phonebook on an elderly Nokia.

My car was recently in for service at my local Ford Dealership and they spent some time trying to solve the issue - they even kept my Samsung GS 2 for the day. They could find nothing wrong and were able to successfully pair and operate a selection of other mobile phones - but were unable to get my phonebook to work concluding that there was a problem with my phone - possibly the settings. I'm sure that there isn't anything inherently wrong with the model of phone, it was after all one of the most popular phones in 2011.

I really do not want to revert to factory settings and lose all data saved on the Samsung especially with there being no guarantee of success.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong here and more particularly, any ideas how I can get the Sony to access my Samsung's phonebook?

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Your phone i assume runs Andriod yes.

When you pair your phone do you get a notifiction on the phone asking for access to your phonebook (can't remeber exact wording)

Looking here http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/overview?id=3&cradle_support=0&box_id=3&intro_date= for your contacts to be found they must be on the phone itself not on the SIM card

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Thanks for that volts; 'yes', it is running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system; the site you kindly identified is one I have previously visited and which confirms almost 100% compatibility between the Galaxy S 2 and the Focus/Sony system, again 'yes', my contacts are all on the phone rather than the SIM card.

And another 'yes' - I do get the message about permission to access the phone book together with the option to say 'do not ask for this information again!

I've joined a Samsung forum and aired this problem there so amongst all you helpful people out there, perhaps there might be a answer!

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Nigel is there not an update for your phone ? , which forum did you join?. http://samsunggalaxysforums.com is a great resource.

I had SGS1 and now SGS3 never had an S2 both of these phones the the phone book worked fine , so i would check on Samfirmware.com for the latest firmware for your phone.

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I should have said that having ticked the 'Do not ask for this information any more... etc' box, it goes quiet for a several seconds then I get the message that the blue-tooth connection 'has been lost'.

Paul, I've down-loaded the up to date firmware from Ford's own site and the Dealer confirms that this is the current version!

The Samsung forum I've joined is the self same one you have recommended so I'll see what develops.

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Nigel if you goto Samfirmware.com , and insert you phone under Firmware , it will tell you if an available update is available , you can check under your About Phone to see if you need an update

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