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Fiesta To Focus?

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Hi guys, bit of an essay coming...

I took out an 8k loan for my 2010 fiesta zetec s. I've always loved the focus however being young it wasn't an option, so started the fiesta route. However, now being over 21, I have done numerous searches on insurance quotes and I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm currently paying £156 a month and for a focus it would be £98.

I absolutely love the new model focus st however I'll never have the money for one of them! Which is why I'm eyein up the old model st. There's plenty up for sale now that the new model is out going for 7-10k. I have been offered a trade price of 7k for my car so would get more privately so could potentially afford an st, with an insurance quote coming up as low as £98 a month.

What do you guys think about this? Is the fiesta to an older focus a wise move? What are the reliability like of the focus st?

Let me know thoughts

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Fiesta to a focus is just like growing up lol, nothing wrong with either car. Obviously go for one with a FULL service history, avoid anything that's been played with. And double check the insurance understand it is an ST, as that quote sound quite good for someone of your age, and being cheaper than the fiesta makes me wonder ??? Also be aware, they DRINK fuel, cost you more than your insurance lol. But if that doesn't bother you, then good luck in your search.

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Hi mike

Yeah I know what you mean, I love my fiesta but being that bit older now I can't help feel I'm still in that first car niche.

My insurance was really high as I was only 20 at the time. Having put my car details in now it's coming up at £50 a month which is what it'll be when renewed. As for the focus insurance I have used many reg plates of auto trader to get the exact car and that's what it is coming up as which is good!!

I was surprised at the prices too, but they are from dealers so hopefully in some good nick!

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Just remember, the ST will be more thirsty, and servicing may be a bit more strict (cant say I really compared the ST to any other model's servicing, so just my opinion?).

If you like the idea, and can afford it, do it... I am sure you wont be disappointed. I just turned 24, and I am paying £750 insurance a year for my CMAX, I look forward to turning 25, I hope for big drops!

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