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Focus 1.6Tdci Now Turbo Problems

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well tonight wife was driving and noticed lack of power- tried to restart and see if that changed anything and nothing still the same.

Pulled up on the drive and sounded rather loud rattling away. immedialtely called the AA out and poped of the engine cover -injector 3 caked in carbon

pulled the pipe off turbo and was able to push the turbine in and out- saying that far too much play.

Well i'm knackered now... reckons bearing seized/damaged -

New turbo etc time now.. anyone got a figure what i'm looking at? AA will pay £500 and the rest is mine- thinking about 1200 or therebaouts?

after a copy of the file that states what ford recommends you change when turbo failure? anyone post or email me please?

Pulling my hair out at this time!!! not happy

Edited by stef123
Please mind your language

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replaced the turbo on my 2.0l blew virtually in half that was a dock yard job can see why a garage charges the prices that they do for that job your supposed to replace all the pipe work but i just gave mine a damn good clean out just waiting for the better weather to give the sump a clean out good luck with it . sounds like you might of caught it before its actually blown though and shoved oil all through the pipes and intercooler so you might be lucky in being able to just replace the turbo i do know that on mine on the oil feed pipe to the turbo itself there was a small filter ensure that is changed

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Really sorry to hear about this. What sort of mileage is she at? Did it get the oil changed at the correct intervals etc?

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What year is the car ??? If its pre 2008, Google 1.6 tdci turbo issues, a lot of nasty stories to read. Involving changing quite a bit of stuff to remedy to problem. If its a post 2008, they had recified this problem, and it may just be a case of wear and tear.

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2007 model.. 77000 mileage-full service history- regular oil changes twice a year! with correct grade of oil- never thrashed either.

hoperfully getting sorted on monday now- :P new turbo, new oil feeds, oil vacuum pump,4 x injector seals,oil,filters,sump dropped and cleaned properly -must have caught it early as no oil contamination in intercooler??

definately not wear and tear!!

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not sure for the edit in title though Stef123? it wasnt swearing ?? read it correclty its stated fcuked not the swear word??

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well £1100 lighter- new turbo, new feeds, new pickup filters, new sump, everything new regarding oil feeds etc -all done- now 60 mile into running brilliant... all 4 injectors resealed and torqued down.

drives like a different beast now- no chuffing noise from the injectors now- which you dont notice as it gets louder??? so beaware folks!!

apparently filters in sump and turbo were nearly completley blocked! -bearings in turbo had collapsed.

I have AA parts and labour cover- and they are covering £500 of the bill -although they did try and wangle out of it- saying its caused by poor service history?? rubbish!!

And best of all the turbo -fully new is guaranteed :P

Next move now to book in for dpf remvoaland egr delete! £420 -money i think that will be well spent :P

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