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Durashift Est (Auto Or Manual)

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My wife drives a fusion 1.4 durashift est and is concerned that in a few forums around the net it gives the impression that this is not legal as an automatic car on her licence.

I say it is as its semi automatic or both. Please anyone tell me is she legal only holding an auto licence and driving that?

We were stopped once in a Punto and an officious patronising policeman said he could conviscate the car if it was not and instructed me in the passenger side to move so he could see the stick. And then read the riot act as we were doing 42mph in a 40mph zone. No wonder we hate them, or some of them.

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if its got 2 pedals then its an auto, no matter how you change gear!

smart do an optional extra 'auto' mode on the lesser spec models. the ones without the auto function, you change manually (my first car was a smart city coupe wiithout auto)

mercedes do the old 'A' class with an auto option where YOU change gear like a manual. you have 5 gears and a reverse in the normal 'H' pattern BUT its only got 2 pedals!

your good lady will be fine with her auto licence!

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