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Mk1 1.4: The Rebirth

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Hi Guys.

I started a topic a few days back asking if my MK1 was worth saving http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/41120-mk1-fix-or-scrap/#entry239862 Which has led to me getting started on the repairs. Thought I would start a separate thread to record my progress, and ask for help when needed!

Plans for the focus: immediate (2 week timefame)

1. Get it back on the road: Doing Aux belt, Timing belt, Water pump, PAS pump, Steering rack, drop links, rear bushes and full service.

2. Cosmetic fixes: Both bumpers repaired and resprayed. Replace passenger door card, passenger seat recliner, interior clean. Refurb alloys.

3. Styling: CC splitters, skirts and side strips. Rear window tints, spray alloys (dark smoke), console and dash parts sprayed (maybe blue?), paint calipers (blue), HID's.

Long term, will possibly lower & exhaust. Make some interior modifications.

So, yesterday, after running around hunting down the cheapest parts, picking them up, sorting out tools and visiting the scrappy today, I had a few hours to get started on the car. Burnt one of them looking for my keys, parking the car on the only small strip of level driveway I could find, and making sure my axle stands were perfect.

1st job if the day. Replace the drop links. 1st job of the day...sucked!! Ha. Number one nut, came of fine, the other 3 came off a few mm before the joint started spinning. Had to get some serious leverage on them with a spanner to get them off. The last one was so tight and broke so early (then drop link fully pulled off) that I think the ball socket actually twisted and reflexed (when I let go of the spanner it went flying!

Attached a picture of them post removal, top one was already wrecked, looked a lot like it does now. Bottom set was the one that broke whilst still attached!!


Also removed the AUX belt, idle pulley and timing covers before dark, ready to crack on today. Will try and get some pictures to show the state its currently in..

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Couple of questions.

The timing belt kit I brought has a bolt that I am not sure about. Could anybody suggest what it is for?


I guess that the 2 silver bolts are for the cams, and one of the black bolts is for the crank pulley, but what about the other one?

I am also guessing the riveted cuff stays on there, and its simply a case of attaching it and releasing the stopper. Seeing as there is no way to adjust it seemingly. That correct?

Finally, My haynes manual says I should get TDC using timing pin and then check cams with the tool. Then remove them and take of the crank pulley. As I do not have a pulley holder, is it possible to either:

1. Find TDC, then remove tools, and hold the flywheel in place to crack of the nut, then put the bolt back in, minus the pulley, so i can turn the engine over and get back to TDC if it did move. Then put tools in and change belt.

2. Put timing tools in, and leave them in to take of the pulley? Maybe lock of the flywheel as extra security.

Thanks for any help.

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Check for the draper timing lock bolt and camshaft aligned tool online there not expensive.

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That's exactly what I am using.... Haynes says to remove before loosening crank pulley though.

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Bolts are usually cam and tensioner bolts so ide assume its a tensioner bolt cant help with the rest i leave the dealer to do it they lock the cam in place with a csm locking tool so there's no movement

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