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Alex Clark

Fiesta 1.4 2009 - Rattle / Clanking Noise At Front

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Hello Forum.. hope all well, ..

have a some concern about my Fiesta.

Fiesta late 2009 (59) Zetec Auto 1.4 - Rattles

A strange rattle noise has developed on the passenger side at the front engine bay area / front wheel area.

Normal driving is fine, but when driven over pot hole/ bump in road something rattles. It started off infrequent but is now more frequent.

Still happens when steering around a corner, whether driving fast or slow. Is now quite loud and can be heard even louder with the window wound down.

I guessed it was a broken spring, but all looks fine.

Any one else had the same problem?

There is a link to hearing the audio recorded with my phone : AUDIO http://www.mykenwood.co.uk/audio.mp3

And have attached a phone recordings of the noise in the hope someone can advise what it is?

Please help.




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check the anti roll bar drop links....find them each end of the roll bar.

with wheels on the ground, give the links a shake by hand, hopefully feel excess movement, compare it to the good side...sometimes the only way to be sure, is disconnect them and give it a little drive [preferably not going 60mph round corners} see if noise has gone....be aware though, most of the time can be a bugger to remove, sometimes ruin them in the process.

failing that, check for movement in shock absorber top mount, and brake caliper isnt loose or rattling on slide pins.

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Thank you very much wase16ll , I will try check that on the week, and back to the forum if there any news about that... your answer help a lot.. :)

if someone have same experience, please advise...



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hate stating the obvious, but have come across this many times as its so easy to overlook...

check the wheelnuts

(by come across many times, i mean im in the trade, not that im allways leaving my wheels loose :) )

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Hello everybody:

just back to inform the problem:

The front left supension coil , got broken on the base ( long time ago ) but on the lasts weeks, the broken part get loose and made the noise in bumps or uneven roads.

attach picture similar to the problem.



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