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Ford Focus Zetec Creaking Noise Help!

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Hi there..I need some help as i'm a single mum with a car and little car knowledge. Basically i have a ford focus zetec 99 reg.

I noticed lately it makes a creaking noise, which appears even if your getting in the car and it continues when driving. It sounds as if it is coming from the front of the car. My original suspect was suspension so I took it to my local garage to ask them to look at it..they said they couldn't see anything wrong with the suspension..is there anything they could have missed that it could be. the creaking seems to be all of a sudden and always after I start the car up in the morning, but disappears sometimes then comes back.

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Welcome to the club,

I had this recently on the CMAX, it turned out to be worn bushins... might be worth getting them to check this for you?

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if it creaks just getting into car, then would have thought this was definitly suspension related..

take your pick

lower arm bushes....give genourous spray with wd40....if that stops it, would pay to renew as it will come back.

anti-roll bar bushes....same again

lower ball joint....might not appear worn, but could be dried out of grease and seizing

track rod end......same as above

anti roll bar drop links....same as above

from your description, probably find one of the above is the problem

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Happens on all focis eventually other members have replaced most of the suspension to no avail so you may have to put up with it it coukd well be the rubber has dried out ask the gatage to pop it up on the lift and spray wd40 right up iside the suspension strut and apply white grease to the rubber parts on the suspension that should sort it out

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Hi guys well to update you as i have kids and this is my main car..i was worried, took it to the garage and he said it's not the bushes and to stop worrying as he can't even hear the noise. So i'll have to see what he says, but he did say i need some stuff doing to the front of the car eventually anyway

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